Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Spirit Is A Grand Thing

This week was a really great week! The Lord is really blessing the work in Solanda and guiding me and Hna Greer´s steps to where we need to be and who we need to teach. Out of all the areas in my mission, Solanda is definitely my favorite! haha ;) But it really is a such a great area! And the ward is so great and so eager to help move the work forward here!

Yesterday we got to visit with this less-active family for the first time and it was such a powerful lesson. The son, who is about 22, has cancer and is really sick right now. So we, with the Bishop and two others in the ward, went to visit to see how we could help out. This guy has such a strong testimony in God and His plan and we could just feel it in his room. His one desire right now is to have an opportunity to go to the temple. And he has a very pretty picture of the temple hanging up and he loves this picture because he said that he can´t go to the temple right now, but he can at least look at this picture! His faith and his desires are so inspiring and his hope when everything seems to be going downhill is something to look up to. The spirit was so prevelant in this lesson and I hope the ward can help find a way for him to go with the ward to the temple in October. 

I am truly grateful to the Lord for giving me opportunities to be in lessons that are spiritually uplifting and that I get the chance to be spiritually edified several times a day. The greatest thing about missions is being so close to the spirit, when we are obedient, and getting to see so many miracles! 

¡Les amo mucho cada de ustedes! Tienen un buen semana y hablo con ustedes la proxima semana

Amor, Hermana Cordon

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