Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I have decided that I will explain a little bit about the food here. So lunch usually consists of soup, rice, meat of some type, a fruit juice, and a salad. It is always a ton of food, but I have adjusted and I am satisfied after every meal, luckily with all the walking and my good metabolism I have lost weight and not gained weight :) But, sometimes because I am tall they think that means I need a ton of food and they pile it on. In these moments I suffer a little bit.. haha one funny story is when we were at a recent converts house and she gave us some bread and said to me "here is a fat one for you, because you´re fat" That´s an endearing term here :) haha it was quite funny especially cause I am not fat, only tall :) The fruit juices are really good, and its so weird to have it at every meal. My favorite is with the fruit Maracuya, I have no idea if its in the states, but its delicious. And all the do to make the fruit drinks is peel the fruit and blend it and pour in some water and a lot of sugar. Its not healthy in the slightest, but I enjoy it. But I do not like the fruit tomate de arbol (tomato from a tree) its a tomatoe that grows on a tree, and it really isn´t good. I am happy we don´t have this one in the states. Also here when they have fish. They eat a fish. Its the complete fish with bones and eyes and all, it´s quite interesting having this fish staring at you trying to eat it. I never ate fish before my mission because I didn´t like it, but I am learning to love it here, and its an interesting way to learn to eat it. The next time my pensionista makes fish she is going to tell us so I will bring my camera and I will take a picture for you all :) And still the bread is DELICIOUS! I have a slight addiction to hot bread, so whenever we pass a bakery and they have hot bread I always buy one. And it doesn´t help that a roll is only $0.10. 

I learned this week what power the spirit can have with a person. We had a lesson with this investigator and she was really closed off and wasn´t really wanting to hear what we had said. So we left her with the commitment to read and pray and we set up a return appointment just to see what happens. In the second lesson we didn´t go in with high hopes, but it was a lesson completely different. She was completely open to the idea of praying and I could see the spirit in her life. She had completely changed her idea. For me it was a testimony to me that the spirit can change anybodys heart and I cannot be quick to assume that someone won´t accept this gospel, because the spirit can help anyone to accept. Yes, everyone has their agency, but we have to make sure to bring the spirit to them so they can accept or reject. 

Love you all and I hope you are all having a great week! 

Hermana Cordon

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