Monday, March 14, 2016



Well, I was finally able to watch the video for Easter, and I loved it! If you haven´t had the chance to watch it yet, watch it! I am really excited to be able to be promoting this as a missionary and to really help people to have a better relationship with Christ. He really can be our shining light in this life and through Him, we really can find a new life. I am so grateful for this time I have on the mission to be learning and to be becoming even closer to my Savior and Redeemer and to really realize the power he has in my life. 

This week we worked really hard trying to find new people and to help this area to start progressing. We ended up finding 10 new investigators! But, sadly none of them were able to come to church. But, Sylvia came to church! We were going to drop her, because she hasn´t been progressing and we were really direct with her and told her that she needed to come to church if she wanted come closer to Christ. We had left the lesson with her telling us that she wasn´t going to come, but she came! We were really surprised! And she was able to stay all three hours! Also Marly is still doing awesome and progressing really well, just wasn´t able to go to church yesterday, because she was sick. We were really bummed, because that pushes her baptism date to after this change, but I am just happy that she is still progressing! 

Today we had a zone activity and we came to Riobamba and had a picnic in a park we cooked hotdogs and hamburgers on a fire and had chips and juice. Such an american thing to do, it´s probably because my Zone Leaders are both gringos. Hahah. As we were waiting for the bus to go to Riobamba, an old man that had no teeth was talking to us, and I didn´t understand anything, but he made me so happy because he was just smiling and super happy, and he was really  happy to say hi to us. That made me so happy! I don´t know there are so many native people here, that are really old, but are still working harder than anyone I know. I have alot of respect for the native people here.

Fun fact, I live an hour from Chimborazo. For those who don´t know it is the second highest mountain in the world. The only one higher is Mount Everest, and not much higher :) I thought that was cool, and every week as we are traveling to Riobamba we have a cool view of Chimborazo. This week I am going to try to take a good picture to send to you guys! :)

Sorry no photos this week, there isn´t a lot of time!!

I love you all, have a great week!
Mucho Amor,
Hermana Cordon

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