Monday, July 4, 2016

Adventures Up the Mountains


Seriously can`t believe that it is monday again, this week just flew by! We worked hard, we got lost, and we to know more people :) We went on an adventure up the mountain this week. We got on a bus trying to go down the mountain from an area that we are working in, and in the end we went up the mountain. We noticed it wasn`t the right bus, when it didn`t turn to go down, but instead went up.. so we asked the people in front of us where the bus was going, they said to Constantino. It turns out Constantino is at the tip of the mountain, like 35 minutes in bus up the mountain.. So we went on a little adventure up the mountain, and then took the bus down the mountain :) We got some cool pictures, because it was a pretty view, and we gave everyone on the bus a good laugh, because I sure it was pretty funny to see a gringa and a latina with skirts on hopping on a bus to go to el campo (where there are only dirt roads and farm land). :) Everyone gave us a pretty weird look when we got on the bus, and we figured out why when we figured out where the bus was going. We are getting better at buses and now we know that if the bus says Constantino to not get on it.

We visited a less active couple this week, that are now coming back to church. They were saying that they didn`t go to church for over 5 months because of something a member said that was really rude. They decided that they were missing out on way to many blessings to not go to church for that reason so they decided to come back and go for God and not go for the people. And that is the key. We go to church to serve God and to learn more, and we need to always remember that the church is perfect, but the members are FAR from perfect. The Church of Jesus Christ is a hospital for the sick (people who are sinning) and Christ is the perfect Doctor. But, we all have weaknesses and things that we need to improve and we just need to remember that we are going to church for God and not for the imperfect members. I love this church and I know that it is the true church of God, and I know that I am not perfect and I have a long way to go. I am just so happy that they have decided and realized this for themselves and they are coming back to church strong :) 

A cool story, we were knocking doors one afternoon when all of our appointments had fallen through, and we
were just going door to door and no one was answering. As we were turning the corner, it came to my mind that we had unintentionally skipped a house, so I said to my companion "Lets go contact that house.. I feel as though there is a golden family in that house." I didn`t say that completely seriously, but I did feel as though we needed to contact that house. It turns out that it is a family that lives in that house, and we talked to the oldest son. They listened to missionaries before a really long time ago and he told us to come back on sunday so that we kind find everyone. They seem super interested. They weren`t home yesterday, but we set up another appointment for tomorrow and we are praying that we find them.
We had divisions this week with the Hna Leaders and I was with Hna Willson again! I love her!! We had a lot of fun working and contacting together and we were able to contact a lot of families, which was awesome! 

I love this church, I love this work, and I am so grateful to be a missionary. 

 I love you all and have a fabulous week!! Also HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!

Hermana Cordon

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