Monday, August 1, 2016



Bye Hna Guevara :(
Once again it is changes, I swear the changes go by way to quickly, it feels like 2 weeks ago that me and Hna Guevara got here to El Recreo, but now it is the next change. Hna Guevara left after only one change here, and now I am with Hna Tapia, who also has the exact same amount of time as me, interesting, but I am excited to see where this change leads me. She is from Argentina and seems really nice.

We worked hard this last week. Miguel, who I talked about last week who was progressing, moved to Esmeraldas.. I am sending off the reference for him today and he is also commited to find the church there and go. We were able to learn a lot from him and his desire to learn more, and I am very grateful for the chance we had to plant the seed and I know we were placed in his path to start him on this journey and I am happy that he now knows this church. Dayana, our other investigator, came to church this week and really enjoyed it! Yesterday after church we really focused on getting to know her and gaining more of her confidence, because we felt her being a teenage girl we needed to just talk with her to get her to open up to us more and really be honest about her desires and her fears. It worked! We really were able to help her to open up and to be honest with us why she was hesistant about baptism. It was a big milestone and now we really have her confidence and we are going to be able to focus the lessons more for her and what she needs and how she can overcome this fear that she has.   We are working with other investigators and we hope to find more investigators this week that can really progress and are ready to hear this message of the gospel. We also were able to visit with a less active, Jessica. For awhile now she has been having a hard time reading the scriptures and she was honest and said that she really doesn´t have any desire to read. So we suggested her giving us subjects that she would like to know more about and we are giving her where to read to find her answer. Once we suggested that she started spurting out a bunch of questions that she has and that she would like answers, she seemed a lot more excited to be reading in the Book of Mormon knowing that it will give her more answers to her questions. We had a hard time finding everyone this week, but we are excited for this week and we are hoping to find everyone so that they can keep progressing in this wonderful path of the gospel.

Yesterday we had a appointment with our mission leader. As we were talking, a lot was mentioned about the ward and how members fall in temptation and how usually it is a surprise. It got me thinking about how we never know when our "moment" is. Meaning that Satan is waiting for just the right moment to catch us when we are off guard to really tempt us. No member is immune to his wrath, he doesn´t want anyone to be happy. Nobody is safe, and the only protecction we have is really LIVING the gospel of Jesus Christ. And by living it we need to really give our whole efforts. We need to be obedient to the commandments. We need to really read and pray everyday, but with our heart. And we need to go to church every sunday and worthily partake of the sacrament and really be in the classes to let the Holy Ghost teach us. If we are doing this and when our "moment" comes we will be prepared and we will stay on the right path, but that is if we do the right thing always. We need to be strengthening ourselves everyday. It was a moment of reflection for me and I realized a lot of ways of how I can improve this and really put my heart and effort into the little daily tasks of being a member. I love being able to visit with active members and have gospel conversations that everyone leaves with goals of how to do better, it is awesome.

Something cool, today I was buying some food in the grocery store and the people behind me in line were 2 gringos. They saw my nametag and asked me where I worked. So I started talking to them and presented myself. 1. It is so weird presenting myself as a missionary in english, it doesn´t come out naturally. 2. They didn´t understand me when I said I was from Utah.. so I take that as a compliment meaning I am saying things in the spanish way not the english way. (I am going to have a problem when I get back to the states..) 3. They were really nice. 

I love this gospel and I am love being His representative. I know that this is the true church, of such I have NO doubt. I know that we need to continually strengthen ourselves to make sure we stay worthy to get to the Celestial Kingdom and I know that is possible through the nutrition of the word of God and really knowing our Heavenly Father and renewing our covenants. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember that this is the way to true happiness!!

Mucho Amor,
Hermana Cordon

A recent convert made us shoes and gave them to us as a gift. Seriously he is so great!
My Shoe!

Flia Bravo, the father made us our shoes :) It was his birthday so we bought him and little cake and it made his day. I am so grateful that we thought to do that for him.

Last week for lunch we went to a cool mexican food restaurant, it had a really good burrito :)

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