Thursday, October 29, 2015

Colada Morada

Hola Familia!

The Colada Morada season is here in Ecuador and everyone is very excited about it. But you guys are probably like I was and have absolutely no idea what colada morada is. Well its some kind of warm drink that they make with a bunch of different fruits, but the main fruit is mora, which is like blackberry. Its a pretty good drink, and its a tradition here in Ecuador during these next couple of months and so I will be drinking quite of bit of it here in the next couple of weeks. But I am happy to say I finally got to try it, because people have been talking about me needing to try it since I have been in Ecuador. 

The rainy season is in full force and we are often finding ourselves outside in the pouring rain with a thunder a lightning storm. Thankfully I love lightning and thunder so that doesn´t bother me, but my companion is afraid and is clinging to me everytime, it´s quite funny and we are always laughing together when she screams because of the thunder :)

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to meet a family very prepared for this gospel. We were walking home quickly the other day, because it was dark, raining, and close to 9. We both saw a mom and her son up ahead and it would´ve been really easy for us to just keep walking by and hurry home, but we have a goal of talking to every family we walk by. So we stopped and talked to her, she said that she has been having a feeling that she needs to listen to the gospel, and that she needs to go to church to find what she is searching for. I am so glad that we opened our mouths so that we could get her information to teach her and her family. Last night we were able to go to her house and teach her. She is married and has 2 kids. Her oldest is 11, but special needs and is seriously the sweetest little boy and always willing to help his mom, and her little daughter that is 2. We weren´t able to teach her husband yesterday, but we have an appointment with them both tonight. She didn´t even hesitate to say yes, when we invited her to be baptized and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to be bringing this gospel into their lives. I am just grateful we opened our mouths and shared our testimony so that we were able to contact her. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and are opening your mouths as well.

Mucho Amor, Hermana Cordon

Selfie with my companion!

Random picture of Ecuador

Random picture of Ecuador

Me and my companion in our favorite chicken place, that just gives us a fourth of a rostiseree chicken with fries.

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