Monday, October 5, 2015


So this week was an interesting week trying to get to know my new area and adjusting to the random change that came about, but I love my new area!! The people here are great and my new zone and district are pretty great too! In my district is an Elder that was in the MTC with me so it´s fun seeing him again! It´s good to be not the only one struggling with the language! 

But the highlight of this week was definitely being able to watch conference! It was such an amazing, spiritually uplifiting, and inspiring weekend for me! I definiltey loved Nelson´s talk about Covenant-Keeping women and making me think on how I need to change and do better to be the woman he was talking about. I am definitely grateful for the opportunity to know how to do better and how to become closer to God. I also like the idea to ponderize a scripture every week to keep your thoughts on a higher plane and grow closer to God. Also to ask in prayer "What lack I yet?" These talks were definitely inpsired by God and I recieved many answers to my prayers. I hope you all had the chance to watch and be uplifted as well!

Today we went to yet another watefall hike with my new zone, it was fun :) Enjoy the pictures!

Me and my companion Hna Molina

 My district right now

Love you all and look to God always!
Love, Hermana Cordon

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