Monday, February 29, 2016

De Guaranda soy!


I seriously love it here in Guaranda! It is so different from my last 2 areas and I am loving the different atmosphere!! The only thing is it is so cold here!! I had to buy a jacket today, because I was freezing all last week, because I don´t have any warm clothes. I am grateful I was able to find something cheap and warm :) 

Here in Guaranda is a branch, and about 80 people come to church every week. Something cool is that they have family home evenings every monday and sunday, which is great! The only thing is the same group of people go to the family home evenings and they are are really active. Now we just have to focus on getting them to invite less actives to come with them and none members as well. If they start doing that these family home evenings could have a lot more success! This branch hasn´t really been progressing for the last year here, and so I am hoping that we can get some things moving here this change! There are some really awesome members here and I am excited to get to know them and to start working with them! 

There are not many investigators here right now, so we ended up doing a lot of contacting this last week to hopefully find some new people. We found 6 new people which was awesome, but none of them were able to go to church, but hopefully we can help them to get to church next week. Sunday is the biggest obstacle here for the people. Hopefully we can find some good people and help them all to progress!

My area here is so beautiful! It is a lot more country and its away from everything! Our sector has the center of Guaranda which has all the shops and everything, but we also have a mountain in our sector and the streets are dirt roads. But, when we go up we have a really awesome view of everything around us! It is great! I seriously love nature and there are really beautiful mountains here in Guaranda! 

One interesting thing here, is the garbage truck plays a song so that people know the garbage is coming to take their trash out. The song plays is "De Guaranda soy, de Guaranda soy.." Over and over again, it is in a beautiful way, but a lot is annoying :) De Guaranda soy, means I am from Guaranda. It is kind of interesting, I thought that, that was a ice cream truck kind of thing. haha

Also a recent convert gave us cupcakes on my birthday to celebrate me and my companions birthdays! Her birthday was one day before mine! It was so nice of him! 

I am excited to see what this change brings here is Guaranda! :) I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Hermana Cordon
Photos: Guaranda!

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