Monday, February 1, 2016

La Casa


Well after 5 days in the house I was going a bit stir crazy and really excited to get out and finally work, but we ended up only having 1 full day of work, because we would work and then went back to the house so my companion could rest, because of the walking she started to hurt. But, I just was happy to work!

We kept ourselves busy by watching movies, reading Jesus the Christ, playing uno, and making cookies. We made no bake cookies, which were delicious! I did get a little sick though from the amount that I ate... oops. I just didn`t have much else to do so I ate a lot :) haha which was bad, because we weren`t doing anything either... but so worth it :). We also made the cookies again and took it to our zone meeting and now all of the missionaries love us, because they said that they were delicious. One funny story is that I still don`t have good spanish so during the days that we were in the house we were talking and I said "It smells like cangrejo (crab)" when I wanted to say cangill (popcorn). And my companion died laughing and this was monday night and she still had a lot of pain and so laughing really hurt so she was laughing and crying at the same time. And then she was getting mad at me for making her laugh, and I didn`t mean to do anything I just don`t know spanish and she finds it funny... it got pretty complicated because this same thing happened several other times and she always ended up crying from pain and me sitting their confused how I had made her die laughing. It was an interesting week :)

We had set up an appointment with an old investigator this week and he had told us his address, but we had never heard of the street that he lives on before. And there are a lot of little random streets here in Ecuador that they don`t even show up on google maps and this street was one of them, because our mission leader couldn´t find the street on google maps for us. So we were a little worried about finding this street and all the references he gave us were other things that we had never heard of as well.. but as we were contacting saturday morning (and our appointment was scheduled for saturday evening with him) we walked by a street and I remembered to look at the street sign and it was the street we were looking for!! We were so happy that we were able to find the street! We then ended up contacting this street and found a new investigator from contacting doors! It was a good morning and we know that the Lord guided us to find this street and we still have like 50  more houses on this street to contact so we might find even more new investigators!

We also visited some investigators that we have and this week we discovered that the wife really doesn`t want to change her religion, because she loves the Catholic church. So as we were talking and explaining to her that God isn`t religion, but He has a specific way for us to return to Him and that´s only through His true church that he established through a prophet that has His authority. And we asked "If God told you that this is the true church, would you accept it?" And she replied "I don`t know...". It is so easy for us to put our fear of change or are fear of something different in the way of the path of God. We need to always be very careful that we are not putting anything in this life before God, even if that means choosing God over your family. She ended the lesson with a little bit more willingness to pray and ask God what the truth is. Hopefully we can help her to see that this will of God is the best thing that can happen to us.

We also taught some members yesterday to ask for some references and we shared with them a promise of 21 days. And this promise is that by writing down the names of some friends or family that they want to share the gospel and then for the next 21 days include them in all of their prayers and start inviting, by giving pamphlets, pass along cards, and a book of mormon. By inviting them to a FHE and introducing us and a bunch of other stuff. They also have a list of scriptures for 21 days that they read one a day that they can find help from the Lord. And the promise is by doing this effort that at least one of the names that they have on the list will accept the invitation to listen to the missionary discussions. THey got super excited to try this new thing, because they have been sharing and no one had been accepting their offer to listen. So through if they have faith the Lord can help them, they will finally have the opportunity to have someone accept the invitation to listen to us missionaries. It was cool to see how excited they were and hopefully we can help them to keep up this excitement and help bring their friends to the gospel :)

It truly is a blessing to be able to share my testimony day after day to many different people, and though many people reject the opportunity to listen. We have people that accept and listen to us and pray and read and really do all they can to know the truth. And when that happens it is such a cool experience and a blessing to invite people to accept the blessings of this gospel into their lives. I invite you all to just keep opening your mouths and keep sharing and praying for your loved ones and you will all have this opportunity as well.

I love you all and I hope all is well in all of your endeavors!
Mucho Amor,
Hermana Cordon
1- we were really happy with our cookies

2- the main street by my house in conocoto
3 -We found a random horse tied up in the middle of the street, and it is like the only dirt road here in concoto. 
4- Purple coal that we had for a salad for lunch. It was delicious!

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