Monday, April 4, 2016

Temple in Quito!!!!


Yes, we screamed with joy when we heard President Monson announce a temple in Quito, Ecuador!! My mission, my converts are going to be within an hour of the temple!!! I was in a room with only the american missionaries, because we were watching it in english, but we were all really happy and shouting for joy! One elder said "Just think about it, our efforts have helped put this temple here." That really hit me, our work here is helping people have even more of the blessings of the gospel in their lives. Yes, there is already a temple here in Ecuador, but in Guayaguil, and it`s like a 8 or 9 hour bus ride for the members in Quito to get there. I am so happy for them, that it will be so much easier for them to go to the temple so much for frequently! It is a huge blessing for sure! I truly loved conference and recieved a lot of strength for my testimony and rekindled my diligence to give this work all my might, mind, and strength. Because, this truly is the most important work that we can engage in 

Well with my health, I feel a ton better. I got a blessing from the Elders monday night, because I did not feel good. But, during the blessing I felt the infection leave my throat, and I felt better starting from that moment, and the next day I was able to work without a problem. I was still coughing and I had a stuffy nose, but no infection so I wasn`t in a ton of pain. It made me super happy. It was such a huge blessing, I love the power of the priesthood!!

This week we did a lot of contacting, because we don`t have many investigators to work with here. But, we found a couple of people this week that seem really interested and hopefully they truly have the desire to progress and we can help them to feel and desire to have the Spirit. On saturday evening we went to go and find a contact that said that we could pass by. She didn`t answer her phone and she didn`t give a specific dirrection so we started knocking on doors on the street that she said she lived. On the second house we knocked on, we asked if she knew the person and she didn`t so we then presented ourselves with her. After I just said our names, she asked "would you guys like to come in?" Boy, were we shocked, usually we have to ask if we can come in, yet she invited us in without us saying more than just our name. It was so great, it is two sisters ValerĂ­a and Veronica, and they are both really interested in learning more and really loved our message. The Lord put us on that street for a reason, and that is what I am trying to always remember. When we plan something we are in that spot for a reason, and now we just need to find that reason. I truly love the work and I truly am grateful for the little blessings that the Lord gives to us on a daily basis. 

My companion is awesome and we enjoy the work together. She is really putting things into perspective for me. I just am remembering where I was 10 months ago, when I got to ecuador, not knowing any spanish and not really knowing what was going on. Now I am training. Crazy how time has just flown and that I do actually know what I am doing now. 

One night as we were running home, because it was 9:15 and we were 15 minutes away from the house. It started DOWNPOURING. We were soaked in like 2 minutes and we were desperately searching for a taxi, I didn`t want to bring my cold back, and there was no taxis. So we kept running and all we did was laugh at how ridiculous the weather here in Ecuador is. At one moment the sky is clear and there is no appearance of rain, and 5 minutes later it is a downpour. But, boy do I love it here. Ecuador is my second home. And for those of you who don`t know, I am not a fan of getting wet, but on the mission I have learned to truly just love and laugh at the moments of discomfort or inconvenience or when someone slams a door in your face. I am doing the Lord´s work and whatever the price I am willing to pay. It is not an easy work, the road to salvation, but bringing people to this road is the greatest joy and the greatest happiness that I have ever felt. Boy do I love this work. 

I love you all and I hope you all enjoyed conference! Have a fantastic week and don`t forget what you all learned! Set goals and keep conference with you!

Hermana Cordon
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A cool fruit that is here

A cool fruit that is here

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