Monday, May 23, 2016

Hugs for a Smile


Well a funny experience this week was we were walking with a member to go and visit another member, and as we were walking we saw 4 men in suits sprinting down the sidewalk. We went to step out of there way, when they stopped and said "un abrazo por una sonrisa" (hug for a smile) and came in to give us a hug, and me and my companion both quickly stepped back and quickly explained that we couldn´t hug them, because we are missionaries. They were slightly confused and were hopping we would make an exception for them. We didn´t and I am sure the real reason why they were sad is because they weren´t able to hug the two gringas. I promise you we are probably the most popular people here in Ambato :) haha About every other car passes by and honks and the guys inside are waving like maniacs... it is quite funny and we just smile at each other and say "look, more friends!"

The Girl with a  Skirt

We went to go and visit a less active this week, she is less active because she isn´t married and lives with her boyfriend and he isn´t a member. I hadn´t been able to meet the dad yet and this week he was there!! We were able to get to know him better and to really gain his confidence, and it has been a year since he has listened to the missionaries so we are hoping that this time around he really opens up to the gospel and can become an example for his daughters. They have two little daughters and one was baptized in our church a year ago. We asked him what he likes about our church and he was saying how he likes the difference he sees in his daughters. He likes the way they pray and how they have a relationship with God and all that stuff. We then explained that those things he likes about the gospel can only be amplified if he accepted the gospel and showed his daughters the correct path. He really opened up to that when we said that is daughters would learn and grow even more if he would just show them the correct path. Hopefully we can help him and that they can become an eternal family at one point. 

We visited another less active and she is awesome and really wants to be active in the church, just doesn´t understand alot. Her daughter, who is like 21, is inactive and is always there when we are talking to her mom, but hides in the back. This time we were able to get the daughter to join us and she was super open and accepted the invitation to start learning about the church again to gain a testimony. That was an awesome experience as well.

We were able to find a couple of new people this week, hopefully we can help them to progress and to really relate to this message and to change their lives. Stanley is still progressing, he was able to go to all 3 hours of church yesterday which was awesome!

Our ward has planned an activity for this friday for all the couples in our ward that aren´t married so that they can get married. Hopefully we have success with this activity. It is a lesson focused on families and the temple, it should be cool.

Today we went to a park close to our house that has a bunch of hedge scupltures. Enjoy the pictures :)

I love you all and I hope you all have an awesome week!

Mucho Amor,
Hermana Cordon

Jumping for the Stars 
Hidden in the Maze

Me and My Companion

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