Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2 Months


 Well like the subject says, yesterday marked 2 months since I left for the mission field. And boy has it been a crazy 2 months full of experiences that have made me learn about myself, God, and this gospel. But along with realizing 2 months are already done, is realizing the time I have left. I started with only 18 months and that means that in all reality I don´t have that much time here. And so I need to give everything I got for these next 16 months completely to the work and the Lord. I have a wonderful blessing to be here in Ecuador to preach the gospel and to give my all to this gospel and to the people here. And I need to work harder and be more focused to do all I can with these next 16 months.

 We didn´t get to meet with many of our investigators this week, because they have all been really busy with work and being out of town. But one was able to attend church this sunday, Santiago, and he seemed to really enjoy it and had some really good questions in the gospel principles class. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and is really interested, we get to teach him again for the 3rd time tonight so it will be cool to see what he thought of church and finally get to teach him the Plan of Salvation.

 But since we didn´t meet with many investigators we did a lot of walking around and knocking doors and trying to share our message, but just like any other missionary could tell you, this method isn´t very effective. We really need to get the members more involved and being led to people through them. If you are struggling to find a way you can help at home with mission work, I encourage you all to pray and ask for a missionary opportunity. And then LOOK for the opportunity to come about. If you ask you shall recieve, you just may miss it if you aren´t focusing on it. Do all you can now and at all times to continually help move God´s work forward. You don´t need a nametag to share the gospel :)

 But we have also had the opportunity to meet with members this week so that they can get to know us. And that is a great treat. The members here are so loving and so kind and all want to help, we just need to guide them on how they can help us. :)

 Love you all and I hope you are all having fabulous weeks! What blessing did the Lord give you this week?

 Love, Hermana Cordon

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