Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"Fear Not, I am with Thee"

¡Hola familia y amigos!

Yesterday a great thing happened 2 less-actives, that we have been meeting with since my first week, showed up to church! It was there first time since I´ve been here and it was such a great feeling seeing them come into church and to see how much they enjoyed the meetings and the change I saw in them! It was truly a blessing from the Lord helping them to have a desire to attend church and to receive the blessings from learning more about the gospel and feeling the spirit! Also one of our investigators finally came to church and was excited to be there! He is 11 and his parents are recent converts, and he hasn´t really been super interested and we have been trying to increase his desire and we finally were able to reach him and to help him understand why the gospel is important for him! It was honestly so great to see all of them come to church. The Lord truly gave us that blessing on helping us help these people and help them understand the importance of attending church! 
The Lord is truly blessing us with great opportunities to meet people and to teach them, we contacted 4 new people this week that are interested and want to learn more! Hopefully they stay interested and that we have the opportunity to see them progress and accept this gospel into their lives. I truly want everyone to accept this gospel, because through this gospel we recieve more strength and through this gospel we can truly be happy. 
Just remember that when life gets hard to fear not, because the Lord is with you when you are obedient to him. So do what you can in times of trials to bring your life in alliance with Christ and to continually recognize his hand in your life through your trial, because He does not and will not leave you alone when you are focused on Him. 
Love you all!

Hermana Cordon

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