Monday, December 14, 2015


¡Hola Familia y Amigos! 
Well this week there were way too many spiders present! I haven´t really seen spiders more than in Utah here, but this week there was a lot! One was we were walking to our Pensionista´s house and there is this fence and my companion was like "Oh wow, look at that!" And I looked and it was this giant spider!! I screamed and ran a little more down the sidewalk and my companion started laughing, she didn´t know I don´t like spiders.. haha Then the worst was we were in a lesson with a recent convert and her friend and we were talking and then all of a sudden she wacks my arm while screaming and then I see this giant spider (Like the size of a quarter) running away on the floor and then she smashed it! She then told me how the spider had crawled OUT OF MY HAIR and was crawling down my arm. I about had a panic attack and whipped my hair around thinking that there was probably more spiders hanging out on my head. IT was quite a terrifying experience. And needless to say I still hate spiders. 

We had our Christmas dinner with President and Hermana Christensen this week in their home! It was so much fun! We spent the morning in a conference with President and focused on temples and how we always need to be focused on the temple and the covenants we have made, even though we can´t go right now. It was a great conference! Then we had the christmas dinner and it was delicious! Just like a normal utah christmas dinner! Just slightly different, because nothing tastes the same here :) And we then played some games, exchanged gifts, had a little talent show, and just enjoyed the day! I am so grateful for President and Hermana Christensen and that I get to be a missionary here in Ecuador during this Christmas season! 

Great news!! Flia Medina are going to finally get married this week and BE BAPTIZED SATURDAY!! I am so excited!! They are finally having the opportunity to have this gospel strong in their lives and they are commited and are going to be strong faithful members! The cutest thing is their little daughter, who is about 2 years old, is so smart! When someone asks her who is Joseph Smith she responds "un profeta!" And when we are praying to open a lesson she makes all of us kneel down, because that is how we pray and she knows it a she kneels down and folds her arms and bows her head! Its so cute! Granted that only lasts about 2 seconds and then she is distracting someone or screaming during the prayer :) This family just makes me so happy! 

A cool experience was during a lesson this last week with new investigators we were talking and getting to know them and my companion had started the first lesson and then it was my turn and I was supposed to talk about prophets, but then I felt like I should not continue with the lesson, but rather ask them who is God for them. And when I asked them that the whole spirit of the lesson changed, the daughter then admitted that she really doesn´t believe in God and that she believes in something, but believes that her life is her own and that she doesn´t see the impact of God. And then the dad admitted that God really hasn´t had a big impact or has been a big part of his life, but he wants to change that. With that question we were able to discover a big doubt and big iceberg for them. I am so grateful for the companionship of the spirit in lessons to really help us to really help these people rather than give robot discussions and not try to understand these people. It was a really cool experience and really helped me to recognize the spirit more. 

One thing I have been focusing a lot on is Why we need a Savior, because of the Church´s Christmas thing they have going on right now. If you haven´t been able to watch the videos, watch them! They truly help make you remember what this season really is about and how we always need to remember the blessing it is that we have a Savior and that because of that we can be happy and be better! Otherwise we would be in never-ending sorrow or misery. Keep your focus on Him, this Christmas season!

I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support!

Hermana Cordon 

The daughter in Flia Medina loves to be Hermana Cordon!

Christmas Dinner

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