Monday, January 25, 2016

Emergency Room


First off don`t worry, it wasn`t me :) My companion decided she didn`t want her appendix anymore and so she had an operation to take it out :) haha no she got appedicitis and so we had to go up to the hospital thursday night. And we left the hospital saturday in the afternoon and hung out in the house all day saturday and only left for church on sunday and now today we only left to write and we are going to be in the house for 2 more days so she can recover. I am going a bit stir crazy in the house, but luckily the nurses gave us a dvd player and we have been watching a bunch of movies. I am just excited for when we will finally be able to work again :)

This week we had a broadcast from the General Mission Council of the church for every missionary in the world. And fun fact that are over 76,000 missionaries serving right now! How cool is that?? But, it was a really awesome broadcast that focused on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It also talked a lot about finding when you teach and teaching when you find. That in every moment you can be doing everything and not just finding in one moment teaching in the next. Which is something I liked, because at times I thought that there isn`t time for everything, but if we do everything at the same time then there is plenty of time :) It was a really cool broadcast and I really enjoyed it! 

Our investigator we had that was progressing pulled away again. I think he has a ton of fears of losing family and a bunch of other stuff that the idea of baptism scared him, even though just 2 days before he was anxiously waiting for the day that he was going to be baptized. We haven`t been able to really talk with him the last couple of days and we were hoping we were going to be able to do divisions and meet with him tomorrow, but we haven`t set up the appointment yet, because we haven`t been able to talk with him. Hopefully we can get a hold of him and help him to keep progressing. Just the opposition in this world gets to people, we just have to remember that there is opposition in all things. If the path was easy, what does that show to God? We need to have opposition to really show God that we are in it for the long run and that we have the faith necessary to follow Him always. And if we read the scriptures daily and pray daily and go to church every sunday (with real intent) than we will have the spiritual strength to stay strong with the opposition comes along. Just remember what Helaman 5:12 says when satan throws his fiery darts (or something like that I am translating from memory :) ) it doesn`t say if it says when. So we need to be prepared when the temptation and opposition come to stay strong and not falter. Remember to always trust God.

I love you all and I hope all is well!! 

Hermana Cordon

Me and my companion in her hospital bed

The view from the Hospital Room

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