Monday, January 18, 2016

Chistosa en Ecuador


Well this week wasn´t a very exciting week but I will share some funny stories: 

During companionship study, I think wednesday, we were talking a then my companion asked if a black dot on the wall was a spider. I didn´t think it was, but I told her she should check to be sure so we wouldn´t be focused on it. She got close to it and screamed when she realized that it was a spider. I jumped up and ran to the other side of the room and was telling her to kill it, and she wasn´t too happy, but ended up doing it for me, because I am a bit more scared then she is :) hahaha it was a funny experience afterwards thinking about what are neighbors probably thought when they heard us screaming and yelling ¡MATALE! which means kill it! haha I am just glad it is dead now.

The other funny story was we were visiting some recent converts and we had finished the lesson and we were talking and then I asked the dad if he could pray for us, and it got quiet and everyone looked at me funny then started laughing! Literally about 1 minute before this he had finished the closing prayer, I literally completely spaced and forgot that he had prayed. It gave them all a great laugh and I was laughing pretty hard too, because I was pretty confused. The gringas are always good for a good laugh :) 

I have been studying charity this week, and focusing on really trying to develop it. It says in Corianthians that charity is the most important of all christlike attributes. It also says in preach my gospel that the only way to develop this gift is by God giving it to you, we just have to do our part and put in all our effort to do everything humanly possible to develop this gift, pray and ask fervently for it, and then God will bless you with this heavenly trait. Charity means Christ-like love and really love is the most important, through love we can really truly help bring people to christ. If we don´t love people they won´t feel our sincerity and won´t have the desire to accept our message, but if we show love then the people know its something important and we truly want to bless their lives. I have felt this christ-like love for my investigators when they have been baptized and I was so happy, because they were finally accepting the gospel and they were going to be able to recieve even more blessings from God. I am so grateful for this time that I have to truly focus on developing these christlike attributes and that I have this time devoted to Christ and God and their work. It truly is a blessing and I need to make these next 10 months the best ones yet. 

I love you all and I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!!

When we went to the basillica a couple of weeks ago. 

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