Monday, January 11, 2016



All of december was really dry and really hot, but this week the rain started back up again and it has cooled down a bit! Its been a welcome change, but it makes for an interesting time when we get caught outside in the downpour and we get soaked through, whether we have our rain jacket or not :) haha I have learned to love the rain and make the most of it, this rain storm that happened this last week we were completely soaked, but I had my water bottle with the filter that the church gives to us and so I just took the cap off and tried filling up my water bottle with the rain, but I never ended up drinking it, because it grossed me out when I saw dirt and stuff floating in the water. The filter would have been able to handle it, but my mind wasn`t able to :) haha My companion was making fun of me the whole time I was filling my water bottle, because she kept saying how gross it was!

We finally were able to locate an investigator again this week! We haven`t been able to teach him for almost 3 weeks and he was progressing really well, but then we weren`t able to teach him. But, when we finally were able to teach him this week it was a great lesson! He has been having a lot of problems and difficulties and that is why he was hard to find. He told us how he felt completely alone and how his only comfort during this last couple of weeks was the Book Of Mormon which he was reading everyday. This lesson we were able to explain to him the power of the Atonement and how Christ truly knows how he feels and he never needs to feel alone, because Christ always understands. I truly felt the Spirit testify the truth of this to me, which was something I needed to hear as we were teaching it to him. It was a little aha moment for me where I was able to truly feel the love a Christ and really begin to truly understand the power of the Atonement. I read a talk the other day, The Atonement: Our Greatest Hope by James E Faust, and he explained that this is something that we need to focus on learning and understanding everyday of our lives. It is a power greater that in its fulness is greater than our comprehension, but everyday we can focus to understand it even more and truly apply it in our lives. This is something that I want to focus on even more to truly let the Atonement into my life to become an even greater person.
Thank you for all your love and your support and remember that Christ loves you!
Les Quiero Muchisimo!
Hermana Cordon

Aftermath from the Rain Storm

A Bunny and a Cat eating Corn Together

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