Monday, January 4, 2016

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


So this week was Año Viejo (New years eve) and Año Nuevo (New Years day) it made for an interesting week. Ecuador has some different traditions with this holiday. The two most prominent is viudas and viejos. Viudas are cross-dressing men that wear really short skirts and dance very interesting in front of cars in the middle of the street and the cars are forced to stop and then they ask for money and they don´t let cars pass by till they give them something. It is quite interesting, but luckily we were in the house the whole day and we did not have to deal with any of them. We did go up on our roof at one point and there was one a little bit down from our house and a line of about 15 cars that he was just filing through, so I am sure he got a ton of money. Then the viejos are just stuffed giant dolls, that are called viejos (old people) because it is the Año viejo and they all burn them at some point during the night, but they put them out right at midnightand everyone walks around to look at them all and then after they burn them. Those are a couple of the interesting traditions that they have :) We were in the house the whole day that day, and it was a good break, to get back out and working to give it your all. Sometimes you just need a tiny break to keep working, and mondays don´t seem to give that break. 

I have a lot of goals that I am hoping to see through this year, 2015 was a year of many experiences that I am so grateful for and that I have changed for the better from and so I am excited to see what 2016 brings and who I can become through the gospel and atonement of Christ. Just remember that God has a plan for every one of us, and if we make our goals with Christ in mind then we will find success and truly be the people He needs us to be. 
Then on New years day it was like a ghost town in all of Ecuador and there were drunk people on every corner basically, and every house we went to and talked to someone was drunk and still drinking from the night before. A funny thing a drunk person said to us this week was "se va al cielo o la luna?" (Are you going to heaven or the moon?) I don´t know about you guys but the moon sounds pretty cool :) hahahah I just didn´t know that those were the options we have :) The interesting minds people have when they are drunk. 

We have been able to find a couple of great families this week and hopefully we can help them to progress and really accept this gospel! Next week is changes so we shall see what happens :) 

I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week and a great start to your new year! Good luck to everyone that is starting up classes again! 

Mucho Amor, 
Hermana Cordon

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